March Meeting is the 14th at Gary Murphy’s shop Hwy EE, Owensville

January meeting minutes:

25 members at the January meeting, good Cajun boil.  Dues are due for 2020, $20.00 per member.  Treasure reports we have $1153.93 in the bank and we collected $320.00 in dues at the January meeting.  Attached is what the T-shirts will look like. February Meeting will be at Loeb’s in Rosebud 4:00 pm, we are using the new meeting room, so it should be quiet. Main conversation will be 2020 events and the trophies.  The T-shirt company said they will forward the art work so anybody can use it to make dash plaques and trophies. I think Reef is planning to have some samples at the meeting.  Sherry has several vendors lined up, if you know of a good vendor let Sherry know. 

New Member is Sam Sellers, make Him feel welcome.